7 ways to prevent bullying you can do, respond with action!

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Bullying is a serious problem and anyone can experience it. Bullying is not only experienced by students at school, but can also occur on campus, at work, or in the surrounding environment.


How to prevent bullying?

7 ways to prevent bullying you can do, respond with action! (Photo source: freepik) | Image

Come take a look How to prevent bullying What you can do below

1. Show achievements

People who bully usually act out of jealousy or envy. Most victims of bullying definitely have advantages that the people who bully them do not.

What to do? How to prevent bullying It is to not hesitate to show your achievements both at school and at work. Over time, the stalker retreats alone because he feels his victim is invincible.

2. Make friends with many people

Have you ever noticed that victims of bullying usually like to be alone and rarely have friends? How to prevent bullying Friendship with many people.

Make sure your circle of friends is healthy and doesn’t like bullying. When the victim of bullying has many friends, the bully will think twice before hurting them.

3. Increase your self-confidence

When the aggressor realizes that the victim is feeling inferior and his situation is getting worse, he becomes more eager.

To prevent bullies and create a deterrent effect on them, build up your self-confidence so you don’t look inferior or afraid of the bully.

Trust me, bullies are lazy when they bully brave and confident people.

4. Don’t allow yourself to struggle with productivity

Sometimes when we feel stressed, our emotions make us act. Eventually, many victims of bullying fight back.

It’s okay to fight back, but you should also consider that when you fight back, the offender will harass you more violently.

How to prevent bullying You can begin to resist by remaining calm and patient without getting agitated.

5. Treat harassment as a commitment to success

Some newspaper bullies will feel worthless and hopeless. But so that oppression does not destroy you, respond positively to all oppression.

Use bullying as a means of encouragement so that you can succeed.

remember, How to prevent bullying The best revenge is not to pay for bad deeds, but to show that you can be successful and better than the person who wronged you.

6. Don’t show fear or a fearful attitude

Bullies will definitely feel satisfaction when they succeed in making their victims sad, scared or even worse.

How to prevent bullying The most effective way to prevent bullying is not to show fear or sadness in front of the bully.

If you continue to show this type of attitude, eventually the bully will back down in fear.

7. Report to authorities

Bullying is a very serious problem, especially if the perpetrator does not receive significant punishment.

If you or someone around you is a victim of harassment, it’s time to make your opinion known by reporting the harassment to the authorities.

Let the authorities solve the issue so that harassment can be stopped.

final word

Method How to prevent bullying It can be used to stop bullying yourself or others. Don’t let yourself or the people closest to you get depressed because you are a victim of bullying.

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